The States that currently require CPR training in high school.

The States that currently require CPR training in high school are in yellow . (Image from web)

CPR certification is an important milestone for high school students. Recently North Dakota became the 25th state in the country to offer high school student’s CPR certification opportunities.

Currently the American Heart Association is working to pass state laws that will train students in CPR before they graduate from high school. Colorado does not have this law in place yet, but if the AHA is successful, then our student’s will be required to learn this skill.

STAT CPR offers CPR classes in Northern Colorado for teens and adults alike. Our CPR training in Fort Collins and our CPR training in Loveland is available for your convenience. You can sign up your high school student for training with us or learn more about our other courses by visiting the STAT CPR website.

If you are an educator, we have classes designed for you as well!

According to the AHA, about 326,000 Americans have an emergency medical services-assessed cardiac arrest outside of the hospital each year. Research shows that CPR can increase a person’s chances of survival by two to three times, yet less than half receive it. Prepare your student and help her be ready for any situation she comes across.

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